Champions List

Champions List

Fellsmere Elementary Extracurricular Programs

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Act of Kindness (AOK) Committee

Targeting SEL and PBIS skills, the AOK Committee brings cheer to Fellsmere. They make positive impacts through community service, being good role models, and showing positive behavior. Students are provided an opportunity for leadership at the school, so that their positivity can be spread throughout our school culture.

Art Club

Students with artistic abilities bring their creativity to life through art.

Boys Club

The Boys Club focuses on boys' topics, manners, self-esteem, making good choices, and peer pressure.

Chorus Club

Musical Mustangs come together with song and dance. The Chorus Club gives students confidence to reach their full potential while exploring dance, singing, percussion instruments and more.

Discovery Kids

Targeting students who have come from other countries, Discovery Kids assists with the familiarization of rules, culture, and routines of our school; It gives them a sense of belonging while promoting togetherness.

Drug Awareness/Bulling Prevention Program

Giving the students the knowledge of the dangers of drugs, vaping, and bullying, FES's Drug Awareness & Bullying Prevention Program is extensive. Activities run throughout the year including the FES police presentations, Red Ribbon Week, and classroom talks.

5th Grade Peer Mentoring

FES 5th grade peer mentors work with K and 1st grade students. They work one on one, in groups, or practice certain skills with low achieving students.

Garden Club

Fostering a sense of pride, our Garden Club helps students learn to care about what they have. FES has beautification days so students can learn about plants and how to care for them, and learn the responsibility of taking care of the grounds. FES has partnerships with outside agencies, demonstrating to students our sense of community.

Girls Against Drama

This is a girls' club that focuses on using skills to help with the drama the girls create. It focuses on girl issues, self-esteem, peer pressure, and making good choices.

Good Morning FES Mustangs

Announcers promote our FES schoolwide expectations, inspirational quotes, deep thinking, learning skills, and confidence on a daily basis through our morning announcements. This program gives students the opportunity to research ideas, vocalize themselves in meaningful ways, and take ownership of being part of the community.

Junior Deputy

Students work with law enforcement officers and are deputized through the knowledge and display of following the rules. It promotes a healthy sense of citizenship and responsibility.

Lunch a Bunch

Boys and girls, grades 3rd-5th have their own groups that focuses on SEL relevant to their own uniqueness.

Peer 2 Peer

The Peer 2 Peer program targets African American, Hispanic, and American cultures, as a whole. It promotes cultural values. IB students from SRHS become mentors to our K through 5th grade students. The program focuses on SEL, academics, problem solving skills, and attendance issues. It motivates students to improve themselves and want to belong to Fellsmere Elementary School.

Safety Patrol

The FES safety patrols program illustrates the SEL and PBIS skills within our students. It promotes leadership and school wide expectation.

Straight Talk at the Library

The 5th grade boys and girls are given lessons on manners, respect, and self-esteem.

Soccer Social (4th & 5th grade)

Assisting both boys and girls with their self-esteem, coping skills, and working as a team, the Soccer Social also makes sure students maintain good grades and attendance.

Track and Field

Taking pride in school, teamwork, and healthy competition with other schools.

The Champions List supports compliance with F.S. 1014.05 (e) Procedures, pursuant to s. 1006.195(1)(a), for a parent to learn about the nature and purpose of clubs and activities offered at his or her minor child’s school, including those that are extracurricular or part of the school curriculum. Visit to view all school lists.