Volunteer Services

Welcome to Volunteer Services

The School District of Indian River County recognizes that the involvement of the community is vital to the success of our students. Consequently, we strive to develop and maintain strong partnerships with members of the community in a variety of ways: Family involvement (Active parent organizations, educational opportunities for families, family outreach activities, and strong communications between home and school), Student Community Service Projects, School Advisory Councils, and Business Partnerships.

Whether you are a student seeking community service opportunities, a parent/guardian or grandparent wanting to get more involved in your child or grand child's education, a retiree or senior citizen with talents and experiences you wish to share, or a community business partner wishing to provide your employees with an opportunity to give back, the School District of Indian River County invites you to volunteer.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities in our schools, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the school of your choice shown in the Volunteer Contacts document.